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Tips for preparing your quilt!

Follow these tips for having the best results when you send your quilt to me...

Quilt Top

  • CELEBRATE!! You are finished! ​​Be proud and confident in your top....and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. NO PIECING IS PERFECT....not yours, not mine, not any of those people you follow on IG either! 

  • Separation anxiety

    • Check your seams for separation on your edges. Sometimes they come loose during your final sewing stages and, if left undone, they could cause the edge to flip up during the quilting. Also, make sure you have checked your piecing for any is the time to sew it up! Never fear though, you can always hand sew it down if you missed it.​

  • Pressing

    • Press and press well! Try to not iron as that can stretch your fabrics and/or seams out. You can use steam or a tailors clapper to help all your seams lie flat as well.​

  • Square it up! In order to load your quilt straight on our longarm frame, we need there to be straight edges across the top of your quilt, and down the sides. If you have concerns about squaring up, please ask! I'm here to listen, to advise, and to assist the whole way. If you are worried about trimming off a point, a corner, or tip, etc. in the squaring process,I can help you with that too! We learn best when we learn together!

  • Clip your threads

    • Especially if you have dark fabrics next to light ones! You don't want a dark shadow lurking under your white background fabric. I use a lint roller and try my best to catch them as I see them as well.

  • Mark the top of your quilt and your backing....use a straight pin, a safety pen, washi tape, whatever! Just so I am clear about what you want to be the top.



  • Pieced backing?

    • Use 1/2" seams and backstitch at the beginning and ending to keep it from separating.​

    • Press seam open

  • Mark the top of the backing if you have a preference. Also, if you have had to add a header but want me to start below it, please let me know!

  • Vertical or horizontal seam...which is better?

    • My preference is a horizontal seam because a vertical seam can build up bulk as you roll the quilt. That said, I quilt many quilts that are improv or pieced backs and they all come out BEAUTIFUL. We will make it work!​



  • Protect your quilt...mail is unpredictable just like the weather so put it in a sealed plastic back before packing it.

  • Pack it small! No need to spend extra on postage for empty space.

  • Insurance? Consider what it would cost to replace the fabric in your package. I hope we don't have to explore this!

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